HasRoot user scripts

Add history button to Twitch clips

Ever watch a clip and wonder what another streamers reaction was or how the events unfolded from their POV? This script adds a button to go to the HasRoot history page from Twitch clips showing who was streaming at that time.

If we currently do not have clip information for the clip requested you may be required to pass a CAPATCHA to prevent abuse / rate limits with the TwitchAPI.

Add history button to all Twitch VODs

This script adds a button to Twitch VODs that when hovered checks our server for history data.

If history data is found you can then press the button to go directly to the history page at the current VOD time to carry on watching from another streamers POV. If no history data is found the hasroot icon will turn red.

This script can handle multiple servers in the same vod and also shows on the VOD timeline the segments we have data for similar to muted segments.

These scripts require TamperMonkey. Go install it now!