An amazing tour through the No Pixel server with dasMEHDI!

Just wanted to showcase an amazing stream/vod I am watching, it was an insane ride with many unexpected twist and turns but more importantly it was a unique slice of NoPixel. DasMEHDI's recent permathon which I am still currently watching involves him making 'one life' characters and if they die or go to jail they are deleted. There are rules to allow extra lives to be given for 100+ subs etc but that's the essence.

tl;dr watch this vod! :P

I tuned in expecting some luls and we got that with the first character: (click character names to go to the VODs of them)
Karen, a coupon obsessed housewife who wanted a higher status in life, hell bent on getting black friday discounts.
Followed by Reema the "Whore Lord", Ramee's older sister who was instantly brought into the fold and got to experience an intense snapshot of how the CG operate: bank jobs, shoot outs, inner gang discussions and SBS galore.
Then Mervin (continues in this vod) a potential predator turned PI turned #1 assasination target in the city, whose story involves other people’s permas and major implications.
There may be another character as I haven't actually finished the VOD yet :P

While these stories by themselves are worth watching what was really unique was that it was a glimpse of the city we never really see from one streamers pov. With each character that was created we got to see another side of the server, showcasing different roleplayers and the groups that control different areas. Mehdi was traveling around the city and it felt alive in a way I hadn't really appreciated nor even seen in all my years watching GTA RP. From gang bangers, bank robbers, tarot card readers, civilians, petty criminals and totally not a gang at all HoA to the police and EMS. A diverse range of people were encountered, all of which embraced the chaos thrust upon them and made what could have been ordinary into extraordinary.

During the Mervin storyline he ended up in the diner with a noir detective movie feel going, talking with Z played by JPKMoto and I was kind of blown away. The scene felt so perfect and hate to say it scripted :P The reality is it is a result of the hard work so many people have put in from the devs, modelers and of course the RPers. It made me realise that so many people have carved out their own small corners of a static world creating a living tapestry for others to explore and enjoy. I started watching GTA RP during the first boom and the world felt like a stagnant prop. People would /e sit to get into vanilla unicorn and there was maybe 2 places where you could find anyone to interact with. This entire stream was so different from those old days, and I would encourage you to check it out. Mehdi was on point throughout and went with the story that was unfolding and also gave opportunities for others to RP at the detriment of his characters. But he was not alone, so many others delivered amazing RP to facilitate the amazing stream it was and without them it wouldn't have happened at all.

Site stuff

Also I have been working on things behind the scenes when I have had the time despite the lack of updates. Currently some stuff in real life has been keeping me from working on the site but it is mostly resolved now. That being said I have spent the last few months totally rewriting the java back end. The old version was a hacked together mess which was never meant to do what it does. The new version is much more efficient and powerful and will allow for future feature expansion. I will write a blog about that and some of the other upcoming changes potentially soon™ (though I hear there's a game called RDR2 maybe I should check that out :P).

Hope some of you may enjoy my ramblings, I would like to blog more but I'm not sure people really want to read them lol.
All the best,
Sean - ScottishRambler

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